Ready to boost your Instagram Game? These 6 Tips Help You On Your Way!

We all post massive numbers of photos on Instagram to share our story of life with friends, family, acquaintances and anyone who wants to hear it. But we also want to secretly share it with the whole world. Instagram currently has more than 500 million users, how do you stand out? How do you build a fan base? How do you get more followers in the short term? How do you become a micro-influencer in your niche? The following tips will help you on your way!


1. The importance of your bio

Your profile photo and bio are your first touch point with your potential fans. As is the case in every situation, you can only make  a first impression once.  You only have a few seconds to convince people to follow you. A  good bio and a recognizable profile photo  must already be the first. For your bio it is important to make clear to the visitors of your channel who you are, what you do and what they can expect from your channel. Preferably in short sentences or words  so that they can read at a glance. Don’t forget to mention your e-mail address, snapchat or a reference to your other channels. Put  some emojis there too with those that support your story & make it visually more attractive, and you have completely left.

If you have a blog or a website, it is always interesting to put a  link under your bio  . You can go to the homepage or to a specific content page. No need to say that it is better to be mobile friendly, since here you almost only attract mobile traffic to your website. It is interesting to create a special landing page for your Instagram users who click through to your site. This way you can easily see how many people have done that in Google Analytics.


2. What story do you want to tell the world?

We want to visualize the world through our eyes through instagram. Share our moments in real time , wherever we are, whatever we do. And let that just be the  power of Instagram  .

Search for your niche and stick to it . If you post pictures of everything that happens in your life, your channel will soon become a mess of different styles, subjects and colors. Not optimal to evoke a wow feeling or sympathy for your lifestyle with your visitors. By the way, you can’t be an influencer in dozens of subjects . Therefore, look for an atmosphere, a charisma, your own style or theme in which you tell your story and where people can easily feel attracted. This  signature look  will also make your photos more eye-catching and more recognizable to your audience.

Take  advantage of the  FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon that we are all dealing with and post more  exclusive content  such as behind the scenes, photos taken from a different point of view than usual, inspiring and creative photos or great moments of life. People think it’s fantastic to be able to take a look at the world of other people they find interesting and certainly don’t want to miss that.

The higher the quality of your photos, the better . It’s no shame to secretly use a digital camera to take your pictures.


3. Hashtags increase visibility

Thirty hashtags are at your disposal to attract people to your photo. Use them all to get the most out of it. If you find it uncomfortable to  publicly place heaps of hashtags  with your photos, you can also  simply hide them  by not placing them directly with the caption of your photo, but  as a first reaction .

Avoid generic hashtags  while looking for specific and relevant longtail hashtags so that you have greater visibility in your niche. Who knows, your photos might be trending on one or more of these specific hashtags. This visibility within your core target group also has an influence on your  credibility as an influencer . #surfing #surfer #surfboard become #surftrip #gonesurfing #surfingiseverything #surfersparadise. With the latter hashtags, the chance is simply less likely that your photos will be lost in the crowd.

Typing 30 hashtags every time is not a pleasant job. iPhone users can therefore store their favorite or most commonly used hashtags in a  custom keyboard  so that they can recall them with one word combination.


4. From images to interaction

It makes no sense to have thousands of fans if they don’t interact with your content. A  simple way to stimulate interaction is to ask  your audience questions. Post a photo on Friday, telling them that you are happy that the week is over and ask en passant for a moment what their plans for the weekend are. Nothing as nice as having fans who not only like, but also make the effort to respond to your photos. That is engagement! And engagement is what we want. Therefore, don’t forget to always reply to your fans’ comments . Conversate with them, thank them, show that you appreciate them. After all, they are your true, loyal fans that you need to become an influencer.

Do you want to completely conquer their hearts? Please also  occasionally time to pass along the Instagram channel loyal fans  and provide them photos of a heart.


5. To measure = to know

To grow efficiently, you need data, insights and learnings. You can only achieve this by charting your Instagram channel. Iconosquare is a useful tool for this  . Through their platform you can easily see on  which days and times you post best  in function of your engagement rate. You can also follow your growth curve, identify your top fans, make an analysis of the relationship between your used hashtags and your reach.

This tool will help you make strategic choices and stimulate your growth!


6. Authenticity

As a last tip, I will give you a moment  to safeguard your authenticity at all times. When you see your number of fans grow, you will also be contacted more and more by PR agencies, brands and companies themselves. You get x amount of euros to post a photo with their product, or you get their products for free in exchange for your words of praise on your channel.  Nothing against that at all.

But in order  to remain authentic, unique and credible,  it is important to only collaborate with a brand if the product, brand or topic  fully matches who you are , is in line with your channel and is relevant to your audience.

So, now you can get started with your Instagram channel. Good luck! 


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